datonomy Overview

datonomy, a digital asset classification system created by Coin Metrics, Goldman Sachs and MSCI, creates a consistent, standardized way for investors to analyze the digital assets ecosystem.

datonomy offers a new level of transparency into how the market is moving and serves as a powerful foundation for portfolio performance measurement, risk management, reporting, and investment strategy creation.

Asset Coverage

The asset coverage can be found by querying our taxonomy/assets API endpoint.

To be eligible for classification, an asset must be widely available to an everyday investor. See methodology for details on how assets are selected for inclusion.


Assets are classified based on primary use as defined by the project creators themselves. The taxonomy has three levels.

Each asset in the coverage universe is in only one subsector and every covered asset has a 6-digit industry code and name.








Value Transfer Coins



Value Transfer Coins

As of November 2022, there are four Classes, 14 Sectors, and 41 Sub-Sectors in datonomy.

API Endpoints

Data available at the asset level is available through the taxonomy/assets API endpoint. More details on these endpoints can be found in the sections below:

Taxonomy for Assets

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